Plinko is a simplistic type of game that requires a board, a ball and a pyramid of pins, which can vary in size. The ball is released from the top and will work its way down, bouncing from one pin to another until it reaches a final slot at the bottom. Gaps between pins are large enough to allow it.

In Plinko, Some of the slots at the bottom have prizes, while others have nothing at all. In theory, the game is super simple and anyone can understand its rules. That’s why it’s so popular in casinos from all over the world, including online casinos.

The result is most commonly random. The original game has a classic RGN algorithm. With all these, there are still a few tricks and strategies that may lead to better results overall. It’s important to remember that the high random factor means what works for some people won’t work for everyone else.

There are no guarantees whatsoever.

With these thoughts in mind, here are a few things to know before getting involved with Plinko.

Unless your budget is unlimited, you’ll have to take risk into consideration. There are both low and high risk strategies, each with its own benefits in the long run. Which one is better depends on what you can afford to lose.

Low risk strategy in Plinko

Originally developed by Scribe, Plinko has been redesigned by other developers too in recent years. Each developer offers different strategies, but to keep the risk low, the idea is to be in the game for as long as possible.

In the original Plinko, selecting the green ball helps lower the risk. The winnings are relatively low, but the risk is directly proportional. In the worst possible case, the player loses half the bet only. Multipliers also vary based on the developer.

Now, to be in the game for as long as possible, you need to make tiny bets, not more than 0.5% to 1% of your available budget. There’s a decent frequency of 1.5 odds as well, meaning small winnings can often cover potential losses or at least keep them to a minimum.

Playing the original Plinko, for instance, will give you a high probability of landing the x11 multiplier after a bunch of rounds.

Medium risk strategy in Plinko

The medium risk game implies a bigger budget, but don’t worry, odds are just as good. In the original Plinko game, the medium risk is taken by picking the yellow ball. Winning boxes range between x11 and x16. Besides, there are three losing multipliers, rather than just one.

At this game level, you need to be cautious and stick to small bets. Again, have a maximum range of your bankroll, usually between 1% and 2%. There’s a chance to spend less in the game, but at the same time, you have a higher chance to hit 1.8 multipliers.

The idea is the same, though, being in the game for as long as possible.

High risk strategy in Plinko

Red balls in the original Plinko game indicate a high risk, as well as the opportunity to push your potential earnings to the highest level. While there’s a higher chance of losing, the potential winnings are also pretty attractive. If you go on 12 lines, you can get your bet multiplied by 141 times.

Go for 16 lines, and you can get a massive x555 multiplication.

However, this tactic isn’t suitable for those with a low budget. Instead, you need a mix of luck and a willingness to take some risks. There’s also the possibility of draining your bankroll relatively fast, so you need to be prepared for that, too.

A Mix of High and Low risk

The middle risk isn’t necessarily a mix between high and low risk. Instead, you can jump into the high-risk zone, where earnings are massive. But at the same time, you can reduce the risk by keeping bets to a minimum.

In other words, this strategy gives you access to the big multipliers. This is where you can get rich if you’re lucky. But getting rich also implies using high bets, which is likely to drain your bankroll much faster than normally.

To preserve their time in Plinko, some players prefer to use the high risk boards, but with minimum bets. There’s a decent chance to win nothing, but since you’re in the game for longer, there’s a higher chance to win, too. It won’t make you rich, but chances are you’ll cover your previous losses as well.

From the same point of view, you can also use green balls and take the low risk strategy. Since chances to win are higher, you can confidently place high bets. Again, it won’t make you rich, but your earnings will most likely cover your losses at higher proportions.

Different people use different strategies in Plinko. Some choose to take a risk. Some others rely on a classic strategy that involves raising the bet with every loss. This means if you win something, it will cover most of the previous losses. Sure, it may work, but there’s also a chance to end up with nothing.

Now, there are two different concepts here, risk and availability. The above mentioned idea with raising bets is about risk. You could win, indeed, but you could also have nothing at the end of the day.

Like in any other game that also involves luck, the probability of winning something is higher if you have availability. Availability translates into two different elements:

  • Time
  • Money

Got a generous budget? No problem. Simply stick to high risk bets and if you do manage to get a multiplier, chances are it will cover most of your losses.

However, most people play with a limited budget. In this case, time is the best thing to consider for availability. To keep it simple, the more games you play, the higher the chance to win something.

It’s one thing to have the money for 10 games and a different thing to have the money for 150 drops. Lowering your bet will give you time availability. While you’re less likely to hit a massive multiplier, at least your wins can cover a decent amount of the losses.

Generally speaking, a low risk strategy is nice to be in the game for as long as possible and cover some of your losses. At this point, it depends on your purpose in the game. If you like Plinko and the exciting idea of making a bit of cash, fair enough, the low risk strategy is great because it keeps you in the game longer.

The bad news is you won’t make a fortune with it. It’s fun, keeps you in the game and gives you the chance to win small, but that’s it.

Now, if you truly like the idea of winning big, the high risk strategy is the one to go for. The 16 variant has the highest potential earnings and multipliers. Since it’s a high risk, it also means there’s a higher chance to kill your entire bankroll before you can see any earnings.

To a lot of people, Plinko is about winning money, rather than simply passing time. The bankroll represents funds they are willing to part with. Since they only care about the potential earnings, their only way forward is to take the highest risk strategy and hope for the best.

Simply put, it depends on your goals on Plinko. There are people who like the idea of getting rich, while others know chances are relatively slim, so they’d rather spend more time having fun.

This concept means you’ll just have to follow your gut. Decide on a strategy for the day and stick to it. It may work, or it may not, but when you get a pattern and stick to it, you’ll be more disciplined with your bankroll, and that’s a strategy as well.

For example, you can go for a certain number of losses in a row before increasing the bet. Once you win, lower it back. If you end up losing again, stick to the same number of losses before increasing it one more time.

You can go in the other direction as well, reducing the bet when you lose too many times in a row, but that won’t give you much chance to recover your losses.

The idea here is to develop some discipline whenever you play. If you feel lucky, get something in your head, follow the numbers and stick to it. It could be your lucky day. It could work wonders, but it may also fail.

Like other similar casino games, Plinko can go in more directions. It could be a nice way to relax after a long day at work and waste a bit of money. You might as well end up with a little profit, too. It could also be a way to get your dream Lamborghini or perhaps lose all your money.

Therefore, you need to be cautious. Here are a few strategies that you can apply to more casino games and not just Plinko.

Become familiar with the payout structure

It’s imperative to understand the payout structure and do a bit of math, calculate your chances. On low risk, for instance, classic Plinko gives you five losing spots and four winning spots. That means there’s a 44% chance to be on profit.

If you go for high risk, chances to win are lower, but the multipliers for winning are much bigger.

The idea is to understand the structure and understand probabilities associated with each level. This way, you’ll make a better decision regarding the game.

Approach your bank roll in a conservative way

Your long term success in Plinko depends on how you manage your bankroll and at this point, it’s imperative to leave emotions out. A conservative approach will help you understand the game better, develop strategies and spend more time in the game, increasing your chances to win.

This means you need to allocate a certain budget whenever you play, be it weekly or daily. You need to ensure you have enough to keep going even if you end up losing one game after another. Like for any other game, only bet what you can afford to lose.

Go for multipliers

Some Plinko games offer access to multipliers, which will increase your earnings. Go for all opportunities to unlock such multipliers. Incorporate them into your gameplay, whether you go low or high risk.

High payouts are statistically better

Again, unless your goal is to have fun and spend as much time as possible in Plinko, higher payouts give more generous rewards and are often considered the best strategy in the game.

Diversify your strategy

You can stick to a certain strategy for a day or a week, but diversifying bets is usually better because you’ll spread the risk, not to mention increasing the odds of a winning slot. Experiment different combos, such as spreading everything evenly or perhaps going for particular areas.

Learn from others

Some people are better than others at Plinko. It’s alright to connect with like-minded players on forums and discussion boards. You’ll discover new ideas and strategies or perhaps learn how to adjust your current ones.

Patience is critical

Last, but not least, keep cool and be patient. Impulsive bets will lead to more significant losses in the long run. Instead, observe trends and patterns. As you study the game and its behavior, you’ll become familiar with its dynamics and can adjust your techniques using the book.

Bottom line, mastering Plinko implies finding a perfect balance between different strategies, overall discipline and a thorough understanding of the mechanics. Implementing different strategies and being able to control yourself will most likely give you decent results in the long run, maybe a big win, too.