Synonymous with fun and excitement, Plinko has grown to become one of the most popular games in online casinos. It’s an incredibly simple game, but it features a captivating profile, hence its popularity going beyond casinos, even in television shows.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about starting big and ACTUALLY pushing your chances to win at the Plinko game.

how to play plinko game

The principles of Plinko are fairly simple to understand, and no training is required. 

The game takes place on a pegged board. Pegs are placed at an equal distance one from another, over more rows. Altogether, they resemble a pyramid, with just one peg at the top.

A ball is dropped at the top and hits the first peg. Then, it just keeps going left and right based on the pegs it hits and the direction it’s sent to. It’s a random bounce as the ball descends. Eventually, it reaches the base of the pyramid.

The base is split into multiple slots with various values or multipliers. Wherever the ball lands, that’s the winning. The idea is to get the ball in the slot with the highest multiplier. For example, you’d rather multiply your bet 100 times than get 0.5. If the multiplier is less than 1, you’re basically losing some.

While there are quite a few variants of Plinko, the original and many copies today allow altering the settings based on how players feel. In other words, you can normally choose between different levels of risk, which will inevitably affect the earnings and probability of winning, too.

  • Low risk. Low risk Plinko offers a higher chance of being on top of your balance. Basically, you’re more likely to win and actually make some money out of it. But since the chance to win is high, earnings will also be reduced.
  • Medium risk. The medium level reduces the chances to win, but you’re still going to be on top of it on a good day. However, even if luck isn’t on your side, chances are you’ll see a higher payout if you manage to score a good multiplier.
  • High risk. The high risk variety reduces the winning chances. But then, multipliers are massive. You can earn your bet multiplied by hundreds of times. Given the spectacular payouts, this is often a top choice for avid Plinko players.

Users can play Plinko at any level. There are more aspects that can help you determine the perfect scenario for you.

Goals: If you’re interested in winning and making some money, there are more strategies out there. Many of them revolve around the high-risk mode, as the rewards are simply incredible. Of course, there’s a drawback, as this also means your balance may dry up quicker.

plinko how to play

Available budget: How much money you have in the balance will determine how to play. If your balance is quite generous, you can obviously push your luck with the high-risk strategy. If it’s limited, the low risk will keep you in the game longer.

Fun vs. money: Some people play Plinko to actually win money. Others do it for the fun element. It’s one of the most exciting casino games out there. If you only try to stay in the game for longer while potentially getting something, the low-risk mode is suitable for you.

how to play plinko

People play Plinko at any level, depending on their goals. On the same note, the overall strategy is just as important. Usually, there are 5 general strategies how to play in Plinko:

  1. Low-risk;
  2. Medium-risk;
  3. High-risk;
  4. Double-strategy;
  5. Multiplier-loss strategy.

While there are lots of ideas and strategies out there, you’ll have to try different ones until you find something suitable for you.

Low-Risk Strategies in Plinko

No matter what variant of Plinko you choose, the idea is always the same. There are more levels of risks you can take, as well as different multipliers. In the original version by Spribe, you could choose the green ball for low risk. In the worst possible case, you lost half your bet if the ball fell in the middle slot.

If you’re after being in the game for longer, here’s a low-risk strategy that will keep you in the game and even help you make a bit of money:

  • Pick the low-risk strategy, regardless of the Plinko variant you pick.
  • Stick to small bets, usually between 0.5% and 1% of your balance.
  • While lower bets will give you lower winnings, you’ll be in the game for longer, so that’s a higher chance, too.
  • The frequency of multipliers higher than 1 is relatively high, so you can easily get 1.1 or 1.5 odds.
  • While winnings are small, they often cover the potential losses.
  • While results are random, the truth is high multipliers keep repeating every now and then, hence the necessity to be in the game for as long as possible.

Medium Risk Strategies in Plinko

The middle-risk game mode means you’re likely to spend more money. However, the odds are also higher, so once you win, you’ll often cover losses. In the classic Pliko designed by Spribe, the medium level is given by the yellow ball.

Winning cells vary as well, especially depending on the variant of Plinko you choose. However, you can find multipliers ranging between x11 and x25. In some variants, they may exceed x100.

  • The middle level is about keeping calm and showing consistency.
  • Avoid making large bets, no matter how tempting it is with those multipliers.
  • Compared to the low-risk strategy, this one allows you to use 1% to 2% of your balance.
  • Your budget may deplete faster, but the low and frequent multipliers are around 1.2 and 1.8.
  • The goal of the medium-risk strategy is to be in the game for as long as possible.
  • To avoid running out of budget, it’s important to play responsibly.

High-Risk Strategies in Plinko

This strategy isn’t for beginners. Instead, it’s for those who aren’t afraid to take risks. But at the same time, it’s the strategy that will drain your budget faster than others, so you need a considerable balance.

On the other hand, if you manage to hit a multiplier, they can easily exceed 100 times, sometimes higher than x555, too.

  • Make sure your balance allows you to take risks. If you can only do a few runs, there’s a very low chance to win anything.
  • Keep the bet relatively low to be in the game for longer. The more bets you can do, the higher the chance to win is.
  • A high bet will give you substantial earnings, but given the high risk, it will drain your balance faster, so it’s not recommended as a strategy.

The Double Strategy in Plinko

The double strategy is often recommended in Plinko. While it may work, it also increases the risk, regardless of what level you play at. This means you should be cautious about it.

  • Try this strategy on the low-risk Plinko first until you become familiar with it.
  • Place a bet and drop the ball. You win if the multiplier is higher than 1. You lose if it’s lower than 1.
  • If you win, keep placing the same bet until you lose.
  • Once you lose, double up the bet.
  • Repeat.

This strategy will eventually help you recover your losses. But when tried on a higher risk, such as medium or high, you might end up draining your balance in no time.

The Multiplier Loss Strategy

This strategy, just like the double one, implies taking a bit of risk and knowing when to cut your losses. If done incorrectly, it could drain your balance without any serious winnings.

  • Start playing at the lowest risk.
  • You’ll win quite a few multipliers, but you’ll also lose some.
  • You need to stop when the highest multiplier won’t help you recover your losses. For example, if the highest is x2 and you’ve already lost what you normally bet, you need to stop.
  • At this point, you have to move to the next risk level, the medium one.
  • Do the same strategy until you get to the high-risk level.

This strategy requires a loss limit, which you need to follow. Once you hit it, you have to stop.

Other Strategies

You’re free to come up with your own strategy as long as it helps you stay disciplined. But here’s how others play, too, just in case you need some inspiration.

  • High risk. If you’re feeling lucky, go for the highest risk. Go for the maximum rows too.
  • Different rows. Experiment with different numbers of rows for different earnings. You can find a strategy yourself based on what works better for you.

Minimum rows and risk. This idea is great to try to keep losses under control. You can use it as a safe bet when you feel like your balance is going down.

There are no skills required to win in Plinko. It’s not a game of tactics, since results are often random. But at the same time, it’s not necessarily a game about strategy either.

Sure, there are lots of strategies out there, but their main goal is to help you stay disciplined because that’s what’s going to keep you on top of the game.

With these ideas in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Discipline comes first. Again, discipline is extremely important when playing Plinko and other similar games. Whether random or fixed, odds can’t be controlled, no matter what you do. That’s why a strategy is so important, it keeps you disciplined and within boundaries.
  • Keep calm. People often let emotions take over in casinos, and that’s what leads to disasters. Emotions can be both positive and negative. None of these types is good. Keep calm and don’t increase bets, thinking you’ll recover losses or get rich overnight.
  • Bet big. Many times, those who take risks and bet big are the ones who make the money. That’s why the majority of people don’t really win a lot when they stick to small bets. This isn’t just about Plinko but about most games out there.
  • Know when to quit. Some quit when they reach a loss limit. But on the same note, you should also stop playing once you hit a big multiplier. Enjoy it and call it a day.
  • Focus on the big numbers. It may sound stupid but mentally aim for those multipliers. Put it in the universe, and it may actually help, at least mentally.

  1. Can you practice Plinko for free?

    Most developers also offer demo versions of Plinko. This means you won’t win real money, but you won’t lose anything, either. It’s a good idea for developing strategies.

    1. Is there an auto-play feature?

    Some providers offer an auto play feature, a quite common feature in many casino games actually. The feature allows for setting some standards, such as a loss limit, and allowing the game to play.

    1. Is Plinko a random game?

    Yes, Plinko is a random game, and odds are fixed based on this randomness. Therefore, strategies that may work for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else and vice versa. It’s important to find something that works for your goals and available budget.

    1. Why do people love playing Plinko?

    The thrill of simplicity makes Plinko stand out in the crowd. Besides, It’s not just simple, but it also has a high entertainment value. It can be easily customized too, so that makes it even better. It’s accessible and doesn’t require any experience whatsoever.

    In the end, Plinko has a visual appeal that draws people in. It has a simple format to watch and win, the type of format that makes your heart grow as the ball comes close to a high multiplier. Throw in the earning potential, too, and it’s no surprise why Plinko is so popular these days.